Torx T20 Stainless Steel Self-Drilling Decking Screw

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Product Name Decking screw
Length 10mm-350mm
Diamater M2.5–M20 according to customer requirements
Available material Stainless steel(SS304/SS316), C1022 steel, Zinc nickel alloy
Surface treatment Zinp Plated,Florentine Bronze Plated,Nickel Plated,Brass Plated,Chrome Plated,Mechanical Galvanising Class4, class3,Chemshield,Ruspert,Black phosphating.
Point Type 17 /needle point /drill point /wing tip
Head Pan, countersunk, Button, Trim head…
Thread Coarse thread, Fine thread, Full thread, Non-full thread. The sawtooth pattern, Serrated thread.


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